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Dr Candice Barnard
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I am Dr Candice, a registered homeopath and teacher - (M. Tech. Hom. & B. Phys. Ed.)

I began my studies in classical homeopathy in 2003 and completed my 5 year degree at the University of Johannesburg, with my Masters research in treating children with ADHD using classical homeopathy. I am registered with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa.

Homeopathy recognises the importance of considering the individual as a whole at any age, this system of medicine resonates with me. I am a mother to two gorgeous girls and a lover of life’s great truths.

My Philosophy

To balance my spiritual life and inner meaning of life with what I do in my physical life, is balance. To do my 5 km run with my dog through the trees and cycle with my children, husband or friend is healthy exercise for me. To listen to my intuition and have the different elements of my life in their correct proportions makes me feel like I'm in the groove and able to grow. I love working with what nature offers me.

My Qualifications

I completed my Bachelors of Physical Education teaching degree at Wits University and taught Yoga, Personal Training and Nutrition for many years while studying Homeopathy. 

In 2009 I completed my Masters of Technology in Homeopathy and have been in private practice ever since.