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Herbal teas are specially blended from plants that boast many therapeutic properties. These herbal teas are made from various leaves, flowers, fruits and herbs ... 

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Herbal tea infusions can be made into a cup of caffeine-free tea to benefit your health by offering nourishing infusions.

These herbal teas are specifically crafted custom blends to support and nourish your body when needed.

Natural by Nature has a variety of homeopathy Home Kits for:-

  • - Maternity use,
  • - Professional Doula's & Midwives,
  • - Mom's using Homeopathy at Home.

Herbal tincture are concentrated herbal extract used medicinally to treat a whole variety of medical concerns - from sleep, hormones, digestion, mood to allergies and many more.

11 Proven Health Benefits of Ginger


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Homeopathy for Home Workshops

Here we explore Homoeopathy’s robust healing system, understand the Law of Cure and how the individual is treated for physical, emotional and mental health, and the difference and similarity between Homeopathics and Herbals.

Come to know how to use your Homoeopathic remedies in your home medicine cabinet. 

We explore the treatment and management a variety of common ailments:

Fevers, Teething, Coughs, Colds, Earache, Eye Conditions, Childhood Infectious Diseases, Sleep Problems, Restlessness, Diarrhoea & Vomiting, Bumps, Bruises, Burns & Scalds, Scrapes & Stings - with remedies to keep in your home.

Workshop Dates

  • 22 February 2021
  • 24 April 2021
  • 29 May 2021
  • 31 July 2021
  • 28 August 2021
  • 30 October 2021
  • 27 November 2021

All about the maternity kits and oils 

Homeopathy in Childbirth

There are homeopathic remedies that are effective in helping to support women during childbirth. These remedies help with irregular and slow progressing contractions and to speed recovery after labour.   You may wish to use the Natural By Nature homeopathic Birthing Box and Maternity Kits.

Women seek to use homeopathy for a variety of post-natal problems- both physical symptoms of post-delivery healing and mastitis or increasing milk production, and emotional symptoms such as anger, anxiety or weepiness associated with ‘baby blues’.