The Womb Connection and Homeopathy
Having a child is one of the most exciting and daunting events that will happen to a women in her lifetime. Offering your child and yourself ...

Having a child is one of the most exciting and daunting events that will happen to a women in her lifetime. Offering your child and yourself the most you can in terms of innate health and well-being using natural methods which have been tried and tested throughout the centuries is one of the most important thing you can do. Our children represent the future and each of us want the best for them.


As a homeopath or even as a second or third or fourth time mom, we notice that we feel so different with each pregnancy and no two children are alike. Their personalities are so different and unique from their sibling and we have such different pregnancies too. From being tired and fatigued, having morning sickness and anxiety, to others having a great libido and glowing. Every pregnancy is so entirely different.


The child does not have a separate existence of its own within the mother’s womb. The child is a storehouse of abundant energy and so the child’s essence is transferred into the mother’s expressions. The mother’s body is an emcee to the way the baby feels, thinks, reacts, and senses itself and everything around it. Thus, the baby’s energy expresses itself through the mother as a changed state during her pregnancy. This reveals the deep womb connection. 

Moms and babies are connected for the first year and half from pregnancy, and when you observe closely we see they share the same moods and cravings. The mother takes on the personality and traits of her unborn baby and begins to mirror how her foetus feels, including the food likes and dislikes, cravings and emotions. When a women craves something it could be her baby and something to remember about this pregnancy or of course, she could have a deficiency in her diet, especially if it is a strong and prominent craving.


The mother will take on so much of what that baby is going to be like someday. So keep notes on all these unusual and peculiar feelings, moods, likes and dislikes. To consciously experience and know your child’s vitality when the child is in the womb is a beautiful connection between you and your unborn baby. And you will notice the different mental and emotional states and see how their personalities follow through as your children grow, it’s amazing that every child holds so much individuality.


In homeopathy when we treat children, the mom’s symptoms and emotions are considered and taken into account for up to one and half years of age of the child, as they really function as a unit.

All those symptoms that came up, and prominent shifts in pregnancy are inquired and considered when treating children for chronic conditions.


This is how classical homeopathy is practiced. Using homeopathy, I treat by strengthening the individual’s constitution and this is best done by matching the homeopathic remedy for the individual treatment. All those strange, rare and peculiar symptom you dismiss are often a great indicator for a successful classical homeopathic remedy to give constitutional strength. This would mean more energy and a balanced hormonal system, emotional strength and stability, good healthy sleep and a resilient immune system that is able to bounce back well after an ailment.


There are many different methods you can employ to help yourself through the emotional and physical changes that take place in pregnancy. To achieve optimum health and well-being at this important time includes diet, exercise, herbal and homeopathic constitutional preparations, journaling and only a few selected caregivers. 


Remember what makes this pregnancy unique to you, record it, it’s one of a kind.


As the resident Homeopath at the Genesis Maternity Clinic, I (Dr Candice Barnard) treat common acute and chronic afflictions especially in woman and children. These physical, emotional and mental indicators that you record are critical for building the holistic diagnosis for you and your child.


Wishing you a wonderful womb connection whether it’s a busy time, a tired time or down time.

Vitality and Joy,
Dr Candice N Barnard